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Based in Upland, CA., Elementi is a group of artists and craftsmen that are dedicated to bringing bold outdoor living and landscape features to the market. Our directive is to design and manufacture features that are an artistic combination of form and function.

For our fire feature line of products, we start by finding or creating items that are beautiful on their own. We then add fire burners to them and turn them into statement pieces that will be sure to become the center piece of any patio or landscape design.

Our dedicated engineers have designed and built all of the burner systems we use in our fire features. By manufacturing our burner systems in-house, we are able to get the correct size and shape for each burner we put in our fire features. We can also modify the burner ring and BTU output to achieve a desired effect from the flame.

Whether your preference is natural, historic or modern, our designers can accommodate any style or period preference. We manufacture fire features for both residential and commercial installations with BTU outputs ranging from 20,000 BTU up to 250,000 BTU. We can also incorporate features such as safety valves, pilot systems and electronic/remote ignition into all of our fire features.

Large capacity production is no problem for us. We can supply full truckload quantities of private label products for large volume retailers. Our designers are capable of modifying our current designs or working with purchasing departments to create designs to meet their needs.

We have a distribution and tiered pricing program. An Internet Minimum Advertised Price and Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price are integrated to ensure respectable margins for our retailers.