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How to Clean and Maintain Your Gas Fire Pit

Posted by Evan Sze on

Maintaining and caring for your fire pit is very easy. It saves you so much time compared to a fire pit that uses wood. Instead of spending hours collecting all of the dust and ashes from the fire pit, a gas fire saves you the hassle of having to do that. The one thing you can’t do with your gas fire pit is just leave it there all year long without some cleaning and maintenance. I’m sure if we could choose not to clean, we would. But with the weather change and the accumulation of dirt that can rust the fire pit, it’s probably a better idea if we took the time to care for our fire pit so that it can be as good as new.

We want you to keep your fire pit new as long as possible. Below are some helpful tips to maintain the longevity of your fire pit. Before you start make sure that the fire pit is completely cooled.

Do Not Pour Hot Water Into the Fire

Don’t put out the fire with water. The sudden change in the fire pit can cause breakage and deteriorate the metal.

Shut Off Your Gas Outlet

Close the gas valve on the fire pit or shut off the gas line. If you’re using a propane tank, remove the tank from the fire pit. Store the tank in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside. You also might want to check with your city hall whether or not it’s ok to store your propane tank inside or outside your home. You want to be able to store it in safe place where oxygen won’t be displaced in confined areas.

Use Soap and Water

Wipe down the fire pit table top and burner using a damp cloth with some soap. Cover your table with a vinyl or canvas until you’re ready for use. Check all your gas connections to make sure there isn’t any leakage from the gas.

Remove Rocks, Leaves, Etc.

Remove debri, rocks, and leaves from the burner pan and media. Make sure that the drains and vents aren’t clogged and there aren’t any bugs. You can also remove the fire glass to check for other dirt and residue in your fire pit. You don’t need to clean the fire glass.

Get a Cover for Your Fire Pit

A cover for your fire pit is highly recommended for your fire pit. It’s completely optional, but it’s a perfect way to protect your fire pit from unforeseen weather conditions. It can protect your fire pit from rain, snow, and heavy wind. There are many different types of covers to choose from that are weather resistant (vinyl, canvas, and stainless steel) Cover your fire pit when you’re not using it.

Warning: Wait until the fire pit has cooled before putting on the cover.

Store Your Accessories

Remove and store all your accessories such as wind guards, valve keys, or any other accessories that you wouldn’t want to leave outside.

I’m sure after reading this, cleaning your gas fire pit may have been a no brainer to you. Our goal was to help you organize the areas that need to be cleaned. We know that there can always be something you missed in the cleaning process. This checklist helps you make sure that you don’t miss one single thing. When do you plan on cleaning your gas fire pit?

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